Giovedì, 05 Maggio 2016 - 13:38 Comunicato 856

Trento Festival of Economics: the Street Festival

As usual the Festival overcomes the conference halls. Thanks to many initiatives and events it gets into the streets and squares of Trento. It is where the party takes place involving the festival’s community.

The very hearth of Trento, Piazza Duomo, will host the traditional “Festival’s book store” (open all day 2nd-5th June). This place will also be the set for workshops dedicated to children and youngsters, with many creative and educational initiatives. Piazza Duomo will also host the Festival’s info-point and a giant screen transmitting live festival’s conferences.

Piazza Fiera, instead, is the place where the taste and handmade take place with the exhibition “Arte e Sapori del Festival” (the Festival’s arts and tastes), everyday 10am-7pm. Another giant screen will be transmitting live conferences from this square, and there will also be a “bicigrill” station where free-hiring bicycles.

Piazza Battisti will gather satirical cartoonists with the initiative: “Matite al lavoro (nero)”. Every day, cartoons and satire, as well as cartoon workshops for children and youngsters.

The brand new Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, a new space for the festival, will host (10am-9pm) cultural activities, workshops and entertainment focused on economics and proposed by Fondazione Franco Demarchi.

9 colourful pianos, available for anyone passing, will transform the city centre’s streets in an open-air theatre for very special concerts.

The Buonconsiglio Castle will host Trentodoc events, with tasting and music mixed to the Trentino’s mountain sparkling wine produced by the 44 Trentodoc labeled wineries.

Via Radio Festival

6 radio broadcast stalls will be in Trento streets and squares transmitting live the most relevant moments of the Festival.

Radio 3 stall will be broadcasting live from Piazza Duomo, interviewing Festival’s speakers during the program “Tutta la città ne parla”.

Piazza Pasi will, host Radio 24 stall; Radio Dolomiti will be set in Piazza Battisti. Piazza S. Maria Maggiore will host Radio in Blu; Via Oss