Domenica, 05 Giugno 2016 - 18:29 Comunicato 1246

The 11th edition of Trento Economics Festival closes its door

After a four days brainstorming on economics, mainly focused on the issue “where economic growth works”, it is time for a balance. In Trento people of the Festival attended 111 meeting animated by 237 speakers coming from all over the world. To be mentioned, one Nobel Prize for Economics (Michael Spence), two central bankers (from France and Italy), five Italian Ministers, and a panel of professors coming from most famed University worldwide. As location of the Festival the whole town of Trento, with its historical venues and contemporary architecture as MUSE (Museum of Science, designed by Renzo Piano). As for the past editions, the success of Festival was granted by its “open format”, not only a forum just for “insiders” but also an opportunity for all people taking care of economics.

“The Trento Economics Festival does not end to surprise – argues an enthusiast Ugo Rossi, governor of Trentino and main partner of the event -, never. For our small but ambitious territory is an incomparable occasion to connect with the rest of the world. Yet, I am sure we will go on investing on the Festival again”.

The same enthusiasm has been expressed by the Mayor of Trento. “To see a full orange-tainted city crowded by the people of the Festival – states Alessandro Andreatta - is always a great satisfaction. Not only for the positive effect on commercial and touristic activities in Trento but also for the breath of fresh air brought form the Festival itself”.

Finally, is the founder and deus ex machina of the Festival, Tito Boeri, the most pleased actor of the convention. “After I was appointed president at INPS (National Security Insurance Agency) – explains Boeri -the only role I kept was the Trento Economics Festival scientific direction. It was a good choice, since I have a special relationship with Trento - and Trentino as well - and the Festival is giving me an ever rising gratification”.

Anyway, one of best performance of the Trento Economics Festival is the growing interest on Italian and international media. Some 400 registered press coming from Italy, Europe and overseas. Nearly a total of 2,000 coverages on printed press, on line magazine, broadcast and radio. However, the real “boom” of the 11th edition of the Festival concerns Social Media. The official website of the Festival, during the four days of events, reached the record of 4 million contacts. The Twitter account, with some 6,000 followers, registered 14,000 twitters in the same period, while the Facebook official page recorded 54,000 visualisations. See you on June 2017 for the 12th edition!       


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