Lunedì, 11 Giugno 2018 - 15:42 Comunicato 1446

"Moser. Scacco al tempo". A champion, a film

"Moser. Scacco al tempo", the documentary film directed by Nello Correale produced by FilmWork and Tipota Movie Company with the support of the Trentino Film Commission, arrives in the United States under the title "Moser. Dare to win". The premiere will be held in New York on Saturday June 23 during the Bicycle Film Festival ( The important exhibition born in 2001 will follow 54 cities around the world, including London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Istanbul, Milan, Ottawa. The "Americans" interest in the film doesn't end there. Marc Maugeri, head of First Run Features (, perhaps the most important documentary films distribution of USA, has seen the movie and wants to include it in his catalogue.

Maugeri will meet the production in New York on the occasion of the premiere of the film which will be held at the prestigious Anthology Film Archives in the historic neighborhood of the East Village, where Bicycle Film Festival take place. Americans were most impressed by the elements around which Nello Correale set the film: the humble origins of Francesco, the genuine community of Palù di Giovo, the Moser family, the attachment to the land, the wine and of course the greatest Moser's achievements (the three consecutive Roubaix Paris, the great rivalry with Beppe Saronni, the fantastic Mexico City time record and the Tour of Italy). Thus begins the international life of the documentary film about Francesco Moser after the world premiere on May 2 at the Trento Film Festival.