Sabato, 04 Giugno 2016 - 18:57 Comunicato 1206

Developing Cities' Potential for Livability and Productivity

Oxford Economics Professor, Tony Venables, has a special interest in spatial, development, and resource economics- all that encompass the collateral behind developing cities. Cities in the developing word offer the potential to drive economic growth and offer decent living conditions, but some countries are experiencing urbanization without industrialization. Venables addressed this problematic phenomenon at the Economics Festival in Trento, Italy this Friday, June 4, 2016.

"An average of 70% in Sub Saharan Africa live in slum dwelling."  Venables noted the challenge is the provision of formal mass housing in a way that delivers density.  He highlighted the struggles in achieving investment necessary for economic density barrier to residential investment and construction.

Potential policies advocate for clarity and appropriate of land regulations, private investment, and land value appreciation.  In order to promote and defend such policies, the governing authority needs the capability to act with the vision of the city as a whole entity.

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