Lunedì, 18 Maggio 2020 - 10:03 Comunicato 1056

Today many businesses reopen throughout Italy
Yesterday zero victims of Covid-19 in Trentino

Yesterday, for the first time in two months, no people died because of Covid-19 in Trentino. 20 new infections were recorded. Among them there are 2 minors - treated at home - and 9 nursing homes guests. The decreasing trend in hospital admissions continues, there are currently 42 hospitalized people and 8 patients in ICU. 562 people are being treated at home.
Yesterday 1,539 swabs were administered in Trentino.

From today in Trentino and in Italy bars, restaurants, hairdressers and many other activities reopen. From 3 June all movements will be allowed, both in Italy and for those arriving from abroad, without justification and without quarantine. The possibility of going abroad freely (for example in Germany or Austria) will however be conditioned by the decisions that will be taken by each single state.

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