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A centralized archive of quarantined people will be made available soon
Yesterday the number of infections slightly decreased

Yesterday - Monday 23 March - 131 new infected people were recorded, a slightly lower number than that recorded the previous day (they were 173 on Sunday), and 6 deaths. The president of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, thanks all the people of Trentino and those who reside in the provincial territory because "mobility has almost zeroed". That is a sign that people understood the importance of the sacrifice they were requested, and gave up on mobility, other than for strictly necessary reasons, and in many cases even for working reasons.

At the end of a discussion with the National Civil Protection, it was also decided to welcome to Trentino two more patients from Lombardy, which makes a total of four.
The Province has announced its intention to create a centralized archive of people in quarantine, to facilitate supervision and prevent attitudes that are imprudent and risky for the community. The invitation to retired doctors to return to put their skills at the service of the community has been renewed.
Dr. Antonio Ferro explained that the regular seasonal flu phase has ended. Therefore, if now a person shows flu symptoms, it is very likely to be Coronavirus.
For reports and information requests, the invitation is to use the toll-free number 800.867.388. Use 112 for emergencies. Remember you need to be patient, as in the current phase the answer to the telephone could not be immediate.

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