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University and Scientific Research are working to increase the number of swabs made in Trentino
Yesterday, 9 deaths and 87 new infections

Yesterday - Sunday 29 March - the following data on the Coronavirus pandemic in Trentino were recorded: 9 deaths and 87 new infections. For the fifth consecutive day, it was recorded a drop in the number of infections. The hope is that this trend will continue. Yet, it is necessary to keep the guard up and to keep respecting the rules, especially those related to staying at home. 166 people recovered, and 1336 people recovered through home-treatment. 75 people are in intensive care. There are a total of 95-100 places available in Trentino hospital’s intensive care, which means that there are still places available, and that others could be retrieved in the coming days.

The University of Trento is working together with the Trentino research system, in particular FBK, FEM and CIBIO - to increase the number of swabs in the area. The intermediate goal, which will be reached shortly, is to reach 1000 tests per day. When fully operational, the target is to reach 1500/2000 tests. At the moment, the swab remains the most reliable test for detecting the infection, with a reliability ranging between 70 and 95%. The swab is also necessary to establish when an infected person has ultimately recovered, when they can no longer transmit the infection to anyone, and for those who carry out "sensitive" professions (especially in the medical-health field) when they can return to work.

At yesterday's press conference, the Archbishop of Trento Mgr. Lauro Tisi, spelled words of comfort and hope for all, believers and non-believers. “Believing or not makes no difference today. - he said - We are all united by pain, by shock, and by surprise for what is happening. But we can meet on the ground of love, of charity and of going towards the other, in all possible ways ".

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