Giovedì, 16 Aprile 2020 - 11:58 Comunicato 798

With proper precautions, construction sites reopened.
Yesterday 76 new infections recorded

A total of 3891 people in Trentino have contracted Coronavirus, of these 1046 have been infected within nursing homes. Yesterday 8 deaths and 76 new infections were recorded. 840 swabs were administered. The total deaths are currently 318. A total of 798 people recovered. The number of people in ICU is gradually decreasing, they are now 48, while there are 1728 infected people currently in home care. This is the latest update released yesterday afternoon by the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, together with the councilor for health, Stefania Segnana and the Coronavirus task force.

Fugatti reported that a technical committee is working on the reopening of the outdoor construction sites foreseen by the new provincial ordinance. "I want to clarify - he added - that outdoor construction sites can reopen only if the safety of workers and entrepreneurs is guaranteed. We are preparing a handbook, in agreement with trade unions and trade associations. However, the rules already in force apply. That is safety distances, masks, and temperature checks. He also clarified that nothing has changed with respect to the ordinances in force on personal mobility. The time to ease the restrictions has not come yet."
The president then announced that 14 hotels have already made themselves available to accommodate Covid patients who do not require hospital treatment. 

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