Venerdì, 24 Maggio 2024 - 19:55 Comunicato 1293

Vision Needed, Says Prime Minister at Trento’s Sociale Theatre

It was a comprehensive discussion on pressing current issues that featured the Prime Minister at the Teatro Sociale as part of the Trento Festival of Economics. In response to questions from journalist Maria Latella, the Prime Minister addressed several significant topics, including the income assessment tool and the fight against tax evasion, public debt, and the premiership.

In her opening remarks, the Prime Minister thanked the event organizers, expressed her pleasure at attending the Festival of Trento in person, and greeted the President of the Province of Trento. The audience included many distinguished guests: among them were the Minister of Justice and the Minister for Institutional Reforms, the President of the Province and the Vice President and Councillor for Education, Culture, and Sports, Policies for the Family, Youth, and Equal Opportunities, as well as numerous political and economic figures from Trentino.

During the discussion, which was met with numerous rounds of applause, the Prime Minister explained that the income assessment tool regulation had been suspended as it required further in-depth review to ensure an effective fight against tax evasion. On the topic of public debt, she emphasized the need for political stability and diligent work to develop a careful strategy of planning, investments, and reforms. Concerning construction bonuses, caution against fraud was highlighted. Finally, on premiership, the proposal involves direct elections for the Prime Minister and the abolition of life senators.

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