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Trentino is third in Italy for the percentage of swabs administered

Yesterday 10 deaths were recorded in Trentino, 3 of which happened within nursing homes. 18 new infections were recorded, out of 599 swabs administered (3% of positive cases). 38 people are currently in ICU, a further decline. The contagion appears to have stabilized at the moment, although, Fugatti pointed out, "these figures should not yet be considered as definitive".

The health authority keeps classifying new data coming from nursing homes, in order to keep reporting with absolute transparency everything that happens in the territory. The University released a report on the data on the swabs administered in Italy, region by region. Trentino ranks third nationally, with 4.1%. The work is done by the Health authority together with Cibio, Fem, and the University has been and continues to be very important.  More and more hotel facilities are being made available to those who tested positive to the swab administration and spontaneously decide to spend quarantine outside their home, especially to protect their families from contagion. In this regard, Dr. Antonio Ferro, director of the Prevention Department of the Healthcare Company, underlined the importance of a quarantine "properly" carried out. If spent at home, contact with family members should be strictly avoided. "Most of the infections we record today come from inside the families," said Ferro. - For this reason, it is important to scrupulously observe the rules of social distancing. If this is not possible, it is better to resort to the opportunity made available by the Province to spend the quarantine one of the hotels made available with this very purpose ".

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