Martedì, 21 Aprile 2020 - 15:48 Comunicato 831

Towards "phase 2"

6 deaths and 53 new infections, 50 of which verified through swab administration, which brings the total to 4236. Among them three underage boys. These are yesterday's data on Coronavirus in Trentino. Of the 6 deaths one occurred in a nursing home and 5 in the hospital, yet 4 of those concern people previously hosted in the nursing homes. The total number of deaths rises to 366; 40 patients are currently in ICU and 1568 in home care, numbers are progressively decreasing. 1295 people have recovered.

In the press conference yesterday, President Maurizio Fugatti also spoke of the so-called "phase 2", that is, the reopening of economic activities and the reduction of the measures put in place to limit the movement of people. "We are aware - he said - that people are fed up with staying at home. We receive many solicitations in this regard. Today we had an interesting meeting with Dr. Stefano Merler of FBK. He showed us, through some mathematical models, that any reopening will entail a limited increase in the contagion, slightly higher if we intervene on individual freedoms. This is why we are working, with the involvement of everyone, from economic categories to trade unions, as well as with all sectors of the Province, to start again limiting health risks as much as possible. We must develop our own phase 2, specific for Trentino, finding a balance between the risk of increasing the spread of the infection and the need to return to work and live".

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