Venerdì, 10 Aprile 2020 - 12:02 Comunicato 762

Towards a relaxation of the restrictions. However, at home for Easter

Yesterday, 13 new deaths recorded (bringing the total to 268), 89 new infections, of which 88 were verified with a swab. There are 47 positive cases in nursing homes, 881 swabs were administered, 69 places are currently occupied in intensive care, 462 people in total recovered. As usual, the updated numbers of the pandemic were provided by the president Maurizio Fugatti and the Councilor Stefania Segnana during the daily live Facebook conference of 5.30 pm, available on the profile of the Autonomous Province of Trento. A lot of caution is still surrounding how to deal with the emergency. The instruction is to spend Easter and Easter Monday at home, but as well in Trentino the planning for the so-called "phase 2" has begun. The motto is: prepare for restarting.

This is why there have been several meetings with economic categories and social actors. Yesterday the commissioner Achille Spinelli, in videoconference, discussed with the entrepreneurs Coordination. Today he will meet with unions, local authorities and the non-profit world.
About six sectors, from which to start the reopening phase, are being decided.  The hypothesis is to evaluate the re-opening of outdoor activities, such as logging sites, mines, river arrangements, road construction sites, as well as all the activities in which the entrepreneur works alone or with close family members, provided that the health protection measures are respected. An evaluation is being carried out for those companies that are make interventions for safety and maintenance.
As for the social aspect, from Monday to today 9,676 applications have been collected by the Province for the "food bonus". Of these 3,489 have already been approved by the Social Services; the evaluation of requests will continue in the next few days.

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