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Bicycle lanes and grocery stores closed on Sunday
The fight against Coronavirus continues

Yesterday the people infected with the Coronavirus in Trentino went up to 856. Unfortunately, the number of victims increased too. Yesterday 4 people died, all elderly, which brings the total number of deaths to 12. Two cases of minors affected by the virus have also been recorded: they are a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old, whose conditions are not of particular concern. They will spend the quarantine at home. To date, 20 patients have recovered. The response from Trentino people to the appeal launched by the Healthcare Company is extraordinary: donations already exceeded 2 million euros.

The President of the Province Maurizio Fugatti recommends staying at home and only going out in the conditions provided for by law, namely for work reasons, health reasons or to do grocery shopping. “Walks are only allowed within the proximity the person's house, jogging and frequenting mountain paths is prohibited. Use of the bicycle is permitted only out of necessity. The closure of cycle lanes was decided for this reason”. Supermarkets Sunday closing is also confirmed. Antonio Ferro, director of the Healthcare Prevention Department spoke of the possibility of contracting the virus while grocery shopping: "The theoretical possibility of contagion - he said - is extremely low." The exhibited goods are treated with gloves and masks, just as there is no possibility of contagion for goods exported from distant countries. Once back home, the recommendation remains to wash your hands and not to cough in public places without covering your mouth with a handkerchief or your arm”.

Finally, as regards long-distance trains, a Freccia Argento Train from/to Rome remains active on the Brennero line, while the inter-regional trains are all suspended.

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