Mercoledì, 06 Maggio 2020 - 12:29 Comunicato 957

New Openings Under Consideration for May 18th
The contagion situation is iImproving

Yesterday the situation in Trentino was good, only 9 new Coronavirus infections were recorded, which go down to 3 if we consider the new classification agreed by the Ministry (new cases are those with symptoms that appeared in the last 5 days). The epidemic is therefore continuing to stabilize, even if 3 deaths were recorded, including that of a 37-year-old, who however also suffered from other pathologies. 823 tampons were administered, and 15 patients are currently in intensive care, 8 in Rovereto and 7 in Trento.

In the meantime, Trentino has started up again. “What we ask citizens is however caution - underlined the president Maurizio Fugatti in the usual press conference - using the mask and respecting the rules on distancing. We must start again with a responsible attitude and using the necessary precautions. The commitment now, and we also talked about this with Minister Francesco Boccia, is to allow Trentino to re-open in advance, on May 18th, those economic activities that elsewhere should open on June 1st. This will be possible if the stabilization of the contagion, currently underway, will be confirmed".
As regards Trentino students studying in Innsbruck, Fugatti said that contacts are currently underway with the Austrian government to facilitate their return.

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