Venerdì, 02 Giugno 2017 - 10:46 Comunicato 1391

The First Day of the Trento Festival of Economics

The Trento Festival of Economics started today, the first of four days dedicated to debates and discussions on this year's topic, "Unequal Health." The inaguration of the Festival took place this afternoon, along with the first session, led by Nobel Laureate Alvin Roth, officially beginning the discussion of unequal health and global inequality at the Festival.

The Festival began with an introduction to the topic of "Unequal Health," featuring Alessandro Andreatta, the Mayor of Trento, Tito Boeri, chariman of INPS and Scientific Director of the Festival, Innocenzo Cipoletta, the President of the University of Trento, Paolo Collini, Dean of the University of Trento, Gregorio de Felice, Chief Economist at Intesa Sanpaolo, Giuseppe Laterza, a publisher, and Ugo Rossi, President of the Autonomous Province of Trentino. Their debate was moderated by journalist Maria Concetta Mattei, and allowed the speakers to discuss various aspects of this year's theme and illuminate the importance of the Festival for Trento. 

Later in the afternoon, Alvin Roth,Nobel Laureate and Professor of Ecnomics at Stanford University, discussed his idea of a global kidney exchange system that would allow pairs of donors and recievers to be matched globally with other pairs, allowing for the opening of the global exchange market for kidneys. This market would increaase access to kidney donations for patients all over the world, including people in developing countries, which would effectively reduce the overall level of healthcare inequality globally. 


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