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The new edition created by 24 ORE Group and Trentino Marketing proves to be a success
The 18th edition of the Trento Festival of Economics saw a sold out in hotels, restaurants, and conference rooms

The 2023 edition was a record from every possible perspective. Hotels in the city and the province went sold out several days before the beginning of the Festival, a fact confirmed by the sold-out audience in the 21 conference rooms welcoming over 270 events in four days.
These figures confirm the extraordinary participation not only of locals but also of people coming from outside the city and the region to follow the Festival’s meetings and numerous events: “Fuori Festival”, “Economie dei Territori”, “Incontri con l'autore”, and Radio 24 live events. After last year’s success, this is a remarkable confirmation of the new Festival program created by 24 ORE Group and organized with Trentino Marketing on behalf of the Autonomous Province of Trento and with the contribution of the Municipality and the University of Trento.
FESTIVAL DELL'ECONOMIA EVENTO DI CHIUSURA Nella foto: Gianni BATTAIOLA, Maurizio ROSSINI, Franco IANESELLI, Paola IAMICELI, Maurizio FUGATTI, Federico SILVESTRI, Mirja Cartia D’ASERO, Fabio TAMBURINI, Filomena GRECO Data 28 maggio 2023 Luogo: TEATRO SOCIALE [ Daniele Paternoster - Archivio Ufficio Stampa PAT]

This year the Trento Festival of Economics has proven to provide excellent value for the city of Trento and the surrounding areas in terms of tourism and the city’s positioning, helping to generate a very positive effect on the local economy. Considering the facility sample monitored during the days of the Festival, between 95 and 99 per cent of the hotels were booked, an extraordinarily positive and satisfactory result generated in large part precisely by the significant tourist flow produced by the Festival.

Changing the dates of the Festival also proved to be a winning decision. In previous years, the Festival took place under the national bank holiday of June 2nd; anticipating the dates made it possible to engage high school and university students: over 1,000 high school students from the Province of Trento and from outside Trento attended the Festival.

The Province’s Press Office has been in charge of media relations since the first edition; about a hundred journalists, administrative and secretarial staff, camera operators, photographers, and computer technicians worked at the event. Over 160 press releases were produced, including 14 in English and German.

There were 511 journalists and media workers accredited this year, 350 of whom were actively present in Trento, with reporters from the most important local and national newspapers. To date, press review data count 546 articles in various newspapers, 5,422 web articles, and 212 radio and television reports. 

A complete success for the 18th edition of the Trento Festival of Economics; the number of speakers is also significant, with the participation of 6 Nobel laureates, 19 ministers and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, over 90 speakers from the academic world, 40 of the most important national and international economists, 60 representatives of national and European institutions, 35 international speakers, and over 40 managers and entrepreneurs from some of the most prominent Italian and multinational companies. The total number of speakers exceeded 650, 35 per cent of whom were women - an increase compared to last year's 23 per cent.