Lunedì, 06 Aprile 2020 - 16:08 Comunicato 728

Starting from tomorrow, it will be mandatory to wear masks in supermarkets and other stores

The obligation to wear masks and gloves to enter supermarkets, pharmacies and in the other stores that are opened during this phase of the emergency will come into force tomorrow - Tuesday 8 April. Meanwhile, 150,000 masks for commercial establishments are already being distributed by the Civil Protection. Customers will therefore be able to take them when entering a store. Other surgical masks will be distributed house by house with the help of Fire Brigade in the coming days. Those masks are not disposable and can therefore be reused after sanitization. It is recommended to always wash your hands well before and after use, and not to give your mask to third parties.

From today, you can also request the food bonus activated by the Autonomous Province of Trento in synergy with the Municipalities, the valleys Communities and the Consortium of Municipalities of Trentino. The bonus can be requested by any family, residing in a municipality in Trentino, who in the two months preceding the submission of the application did not receive any income (income from work, pension, social security and similar benefits) and whose balance of bank deposits is less than 1,000 euros. The value of the bonus varies based on the number of people who make up the household: To request the bonus, simply fill in the form available on the website, in the dedicated section. The application entitles to a bonus that is valid for two weeks.

Yesterday, 7 deaths and 58 new infections were recorded. 3,042 is the total number of infections in Trentino since the beginning of the epidemic.

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