Venerdì, 15 Maggio 2020 - 10:23 Comunicato 1034

Shops and shopping malls reopening today. Yesterday new record of swabs reached

Today, shops, markets and shopping malls are reopening, in compliance with the rules to prevent Coronavirus infections established by special provincial protocols. Mask will be mandatory to enter these places, as well as maintaining the security distances. The use of electronic money (debit cards, credit cards etc.) instead of cash is highly recommended.

Yesterday a new record for swabs administered in Trentino was reached, 2,937 (1,490 by the Health Authority, 1,081 by Cibio, 366 by Fem).  38 new cases of contagion from Coronavirus were recorded (3 cases referring to the last 5 days), for a total of 5,233 infected people since the beginning of the pandemic. Of the 3 new cases, 1 comes from nursing homes. 2 deaths recorded (average age 86.5 years).
We are working on a new agreement with Veneto Region, which will involve not only the municipal territories but as well the provinces on the border with Trentino. In other words, with those Veneto provinces that border with Trento province- such as Belluno or Verona - we want to allow the movement of residents to visit relatives.

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