Mercoledì, 13 Maggio 2020 - 15:31 Comunicato 1017

On friday 15 may retail will be allowed to re-open

Retail trade will reopen in Trentino on Friday 15, earlier than the government's provision, which set Monday 18 May as the re-opening date for retail and other business. The decision was made yesterday by the Provincial Government, based on the law approved by the Council two days ago, which allows the autonomous province of Trento to move independently in this field with respect to the rest of the country.

The opening of other businesses - in particular restaurants, bars and personal services such as hairdressers and beauticians - is scheduled for Monday 18 in Trentino, consistently with what established by Rome.
2 Coronavirus deaths were recorded yesterday, both in nursing homes. 9 people are currently in ICU and 1678 swabs were examined.

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