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Mask mandatory on public transport
New rules from today: outdoor production activities reopened

Last night's data confirm a drop in intensive care admissions and the stabilizing of infections. 63 new infections were recorded (65 on Sunday), of which 59 verified through swab and 4 not, against a total of 768 swabs administered. 7 deaths recorded. There are 56 patients currently in ICU, they were 61 on Sunday. People recovered and confirmed through double swab administration have become 429, 160 more in the last two days. 1742 people are currently infected and in home-care.
From today a new ordinance of the President of the Province enters into force, which partially takes over the Prime Ministerial Decree of 10 April. The new ordinance extends until 3 May the restrictive measures adopted so far to contain the epidemiological emergency; it allows the reopening of outdoor production activities, in compliance with the now known precautionary rules (safety distances, use of self-protection equipment etc.); but it does not allow the reopening of bookshops, stationery shops, and clothing stores for children and babies. There is now the obligation to wear masks on local public transport.

During yesterday's press conference, the general manager of the Bordon local healthcare service provided some extra information on the use of the new drugs that are being used. "I repeat to you that there is no established therapy for Covid-19 - he said - since it is a very recent disease. We have recently introduced chloroquine (for patients at home as well), as a drug for treatment and not for prophylaxis. We are also interested in ozone, but this path concerns hospitalized patients that are in the phase preceding intensive care. We are following the experimentation started by Friuli Venezia Giulia and we could already introduce ozone this week at the Rovereto hospital".

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