Martedì, 12 Maggio 2020 - 15:50 Comunicato 1003

New openings approaching

The date of 18 May seems increasingly more realistic for a more notable reopening of economic activities. Some stores could open already this week, this is what emerged yesterday from the videoconference meeting between the presidents of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and the head of the government Giuseppe Conte, together with Ministers Boccia and Speranza.

Yesterday two deaths were recorded. Two new infections (one of which in nursing home) with symptoms occurring in the last 5 days were recorded, in addition to 21 positive cases, that include 18 asymptomatic positives identified through serological tests. 1193 swabs were administered. The total number of people infected in Trentino is 5134, of these 3122 recovered, 172 clinically (with double swab) and 446 died. 837 people are being treated at home, while 11 are in intensive care.
“Given the stabilization of the contagion, we are working on the reopening - explained President Fugatti in the usual afternoon press conference. - In the law approved by the Provincial Council on Sunday morning, we provided for the possibility of reopening retail stores already this week and bars, restaurants, barbers and beauticians from 18 May. Let's see what the government will tell us. We are not looking for conflict, but we think there are the conditions to reopen quickly and safely ".

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