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Infections are falling. Towards "phase 2"

Yesterday 18 infections were recorded in Trentino. It is a rather low number, also due to the reduced number of swabs examined during the holidays. 10 deaths were recorded.
In total 325 people are hospitalized; 54 people are currently in intensive care. The number is slowly and progressively falling compared to the past few days. There are 528 COVID-19 patients in nursing homes.
1731 infected people are being treated at home, and 749 recovered.
The infections registered in Trentino since the start of the pandemic are 3815.

With an ordinance, the President of the Province partially reopened the construction sites and other outdoor work activities. In the meanwhile, they are studying the safety protocols to be adopted in view of the opening of indoor workplaces. The well-known measures on individual movements limitations remain in force.
Where were the infections recorded today? Mainly in retirement homes and within the family unit. Furthermore, there is a percentage of contagions whose origin is not clear, as it does not currently allow a reconstruction up to the "index case". In the coming weeks, serological tests will start being administered. The tests will be alternative or complementary to throat swabs and will be administered to both citizenship and health personnel. As for individual protective equipment, the material continues to arrive regularly to Trentino, and it can be found in every part of Italy.
On the economic side, it is estimated that the pandemic will cause a decrease in the provincial GDP of 11-13%, equivalent to a loss of 380 million euros due to the lack of tax revenue (as known, the budget of the Autonomous Province of Trento rests entirely on taxes collected within Trentino).
The Province, together with experts from the university and the business world, is preparing an extraordinary economic plan which will be completed within the next week.

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