Giovedì, 01 Giugno 2017 - 14:46 Comunicato 1373

Health and diet: FEM is presenting the latest research on metabolic diseases

Obesity and cardiovascular diseases, Mediterranean diet, microbe interactions: on Friday 2nd June the Edmund Mach Foundation will organize a meeting, hosted by the 12° Economics Fest, focusing on the latest research on the efficacy of Mediterranean style diets and their components on human health. The event is on Friday 2nd June. These topics will be discussed by Andrea Segrè, president of Edmund Mach Foundation, Kieran Tuohy, Head of Food quality and nutrition Department, Elliot Berry from Hebrew University and Iris Shay from Ben-Gurion University of Negev. The meeting is scheduled at 3.30 pm in Palace of the Region, sala della rappresentanza, Trento.

Andrea Segrè will introduce the meeting discussing the meaning of the word “diet”, starting from his Greek origin, which is “life style”. Thus, Mediterranean diet should involve relations, conviviality, education, traditions, seasonality, exercise, and not only food.The first speaker, Elliot Berry, will try to answer three questions on the big problem of obesity, that is why is it so difficult to eat less and move more? Why is weight loss so difficult to maintain? Why is activity the solution?Iris Shai will focus on the actual effects of Mediterranean Diet on mobilization of fat storage pools and cardio-metabolic health, presenting evidences from long- term clinical trials.Kieran Tuohy will underline how microbe interaction in the gut can reduce chronic disease risk.