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Facts and Figures for the 2018 Festival of Economics

A team of experts including a total of 218 speakers and 69 moderators animated the discussion at the 104 events in the programme, also coming from the most prestigious universities around the world. There were 94 live web broadcasts, of which 25 in English, thanks to which it was possible to follow the Festival all over the world. To date the Festival web site has been accessed by more than 4 million people, with 2 terabytes of traffic generated by the site, in addition to over 50,000 connections to live streaming. 334 journalists, camera operators and photographers representing 146 newspapers were accredited by the Province’s Press Office. Of these, 287 were present in this period in Trento. 833 people registered for the Festival newsletter, and there were 115 press releases. All the events were photographed and communicated in real time through the social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook and from this year, also Instagram. 5 publishing houses presented their books in the context of the 10 “Meetings with authors”, involving 31 authors and discussants. These are the figures for the thirteenth edition of the Festival of Economics.

The thirteenth edition of the Festival of Economics concluded today with a presentation by the Nobel laureate Michael Spence. There are many statistics demonstrating the success of the festival, first of all the high level of participation in terms of both speakers and the public, a public that constantly filled the 17 Festival venues.

The first figure highlighting the success of the Festival is precisely the large number of speakers: 218 experts spoke at the 104 events, meetings and conferences taking place during the course of the Festival. The events were hosted by 25 venues scattered around the city, not just in theatres and halls in Trento, but also in 6 squares, where stands and pavilions housing the live broadcasts, the 6 radio stations present and various other events were set up. Likewise, from the technological point of view the Festival did not fall short of the expectations. It was a high tech Festival, with 9 locations connected by high-speed fibre broadband, 3 maxi screens, connections for 6 radio stations, WiFi coverage for 4 squares, around 1 terabyte of traffic transferred by control rooms to the data centre through the fibre optic network, 8 control rooms used and 46 hours of live satellite broadcasts.

The Festival has also taken on an increasingly important role in terms of social media networks. The official Facebook page for the Festival - Festival Economia Trento – saw a high level of engagement: there were indeed over 43,000 views of posts, photos and videos recounting the most significant moments during the Festival to the Internet community (Facebook insights data), while there were 248,000 Twitter views.

20 people in the administrative team worked together to run the Festival, together with 10 interpreters, 25 audio technicians, 36 camera operators and 40 people responsible for setting up equipment in the squares.

120 secondary schools participated in the EconoMia competition, representing all the Italian regions. 20 students were awarded prizes, of whom 7 from Lombardy, 4 from Friuli, 3 from Veneto, 2 from Puglia, 1 from Trentino, 1 from Liguria, 1 from Piedmont and 1 from Campania. 50 students in alternating school-work programmes provided support for the administration team over the 4 days of the Festival. 110 retail and catering businesses in the city requested material about the Festival for shop windows, restaurants and bars.