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ELEVATE, a software to verify the content of the ordinances and check what is allowed and what is not allowed to do in Trentino

Yesterday in Trentino three infections were recorded, based on the new national classification method, the one according to which infections are recorded since the start of Phase 2 (people that showed symptoms in the last 5 days). These adds up to the existing 52, for a total of 55. 99 patients are currently hospitalized and 11 are in intensive care. One death was recorded in a hospital.
With the collaboration of Cibio and Fem, 3670 swabs were administered in the last two days. This brings Trentino among the firsts in the national rank for the number of swabs administered, as the president Maurizio Fugatti underlined.

Yesterday, Fugatti reported, many regions made a request to bring forward the reopening of some retail businesses until May 11th. For other businesses, such as restaurants, we are asking instead to bring forward the reopening to May 18th. The government will give a feedback to these requests within a few hours. In the meantime, between today and tomorrow, a new ordinance will be signed. It will re-allow some individual behavior, as using the car for targeted movements within the Region or the freedom of grocery shopping within the Municipality, in order to meet the numerous requests that we received, especially those related to economic problems.
Finally, regarding communication, Delta Informatica in collaboration with the Province presented a new software, which allows to easily navigate within the provincial ordinances looking for keywords such as "grocery shopping", "wood", "second homes" and so on. In short, an IT help to check with a few clicks what is allowed and what is not allowed.

The program is under construction but you can already try it at:

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