Venerdì, 24 Aprile 2020 - 11:18 Comunicato 858

Developing the bill to support the economy and families

Yesterday one death and 80 new infections from Coronavirus were recorded in Trentino, 37 of which within nursing homes. 1467 swabs were administered. As the necessary material arrived, the the number of tests administered, also in collaboration with the University, Cibio and Fem, immediately increased. The swabs that tested positive - 78 - are equal to 5.3% of the total. Currently 29 people are in ICU in Trentino, they dramatically decreased, in the past days the number reached up to 80 taken spots in ICU.

Meanwhile, the new bill for the support of the Trentino economy and of the people most affected by the pandemic is coming. It will include, among other things, financial aid to those who have had to close a business; contributions for rents (or a tax credit for the owners of the rented property); the streamlining of bureaucratic-administrative requirements in order to encourage the recovery of business activities. Overall, the resources used will be between 130 and 170 million. In the next few days, there will probably also be some first, limited openings of allowed individual behaviors, pending the expected government decisions for May 4th.

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