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The number of swabs is increasing, yesterday 789 reached
Coronavirus. 14 deaths, 114 new infections

Yesterday in Trentino 14 Coronavirus deaths were recorded, for a total of 187 since the beginning of the pandemic. 114 new infections. There are 78 people in intensive care, 49 in pre-ventilation. It must be noted that the number of swabs in these days has significantly increased, which implies, as expected, an increase in the number of infections recorded. Yesterday, for example, 789 swabs were administered; we are therefore approaching the intermediate milestone of 1000 swabs that the Province set a few days ago. The percentage of positive cases with respect to total cases is decreasing. In any case, it will be crucial to verify which trend lines will develop this weekend and during the whole next week. The message is therefore the same: do not leave your house.

Dr. Antonio Ferro, of the APSS prevention department, has provided a possible summary data on all the Trentino people infected to date. This week, the surveillance system estimated 3.5 cases per 1000 inhabitants. According to the latest estimates, there may be 15,000 symptomatic. If this were the case, it can be assumed that in the end there will be around 20,000 positive cases. Cases of anosmia are also emerging, i.e. loss of smell and taste, linked to the disease. Pay attention to this symptom as well. On the other hand, 27 patients were dismissed from intensive care. From Ferro comes an appeal to respect the ordinances in force in this crucial phase of the epidemic.

Among other news, starting from next week, Trentino will have one more instrument to detect the infection. Trentino health company is in fact among the first Italian health companies to install a new diagnostic system that allows to identify possible contacts with Sars-Covid-2 virus through a blood sample. The new equipment is being installed in the Rovereto Clinical Pathology Laboratory. Once fully operational and working in a continuous cycle, it will allow the reading of thousands of samples through chemoluminescence.

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