Martedì, 05 Maggio 2020 - 15:07 Comunicato 952

Possible new openings on May 18
Coronavirus, yesterday 2 deaths and 28 new infections

Yesterday, 28 new Coronavirus infections were recorded in Trentino. 11 of these are new cases, according to the latest ministerial directives that include the subjects who have experienced symptoms in the last 5 days.
966 swabs were administered. Among the 28 infected people, 9 are in nursing homes, 5 are minors. 2 deaths recorded, two elderly people hosted in nursing homes, one death occurred in the hospital. There are 17 patients in ICU, 135 people hospitalized in other wards, and 1,147 in fiduciary isolation at home. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 4,997 people have been infected, of which 2,663 recovered and 431 died.

Yesterday the Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia visited Trento. New possible openings of some economic activities were discussed, especially in the commercial sector (restaurants, bars, hairdressers, etc.). The hypothetical date is May 18, provided that the contagion situation remains stable.

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