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Starting today, mandatory masks and gloves to enter supermarkets
Coronavirus: yesterday 13 deaths and 69 new infections

By late afternoon yesterday, 13 new deaths and 69 new infections due to Coronavirus were recorded in Trentino within 24 hours . Therefore, the stabilization in the number of infections continues, we observe a similar trend in other parts of Italy as well. Yesterday 654 throat swabs were administered.
There are currently 79 people in intensive care in Trentino, a significant but manageable number, given the total availability of a hundred places. The Italian public opinion is debating on who must enter intensive care with priority. In Trentino, this is not currently a problem, given the availability of places, as confirmed by the director of the APSS Paolo Bordon: “We do not make any age-based selection, for example giving priority to young people over the elderly. The evaluation is made exclusively on the basis of how convenient it is to subject each individual patient to a treatment as invasive as intubation".

As for checks on compliance with the preventive measures, on Sunday 2,142 people were checked and 155 sanctions were imposed on those who were found away from home without justified reasons.
Yesterday the collection phase of food bonus applications for the neediest families started. By 5 p.m. of yesterday afternoon, 5682 applications had been filed to the Province. The applications will be examined by the social services of the Valleys Communities and, if deemed suitable, accepted. The bonus, in this phase, will be paid to the neediest families for a period of two weeks.
As for the masks, from today masks will be necessary to enter all commercial establishments. In the meantime, masks started to be distributed at supermarkets. It is possible that the distribution will not be completed by tomorrow, so everyone is asked for a little common sense and patience to comply with the provisions of the ordinance adopted by the President of the Province.
The masks distributed to business are not those of a surgical type made available to nursing homes. They are those sent by the Civil Protection. They have to be used only during shopping in supermarkets or similar circumstances, so only for short timespans. They are not disposable masks, they can be washed and reused multiple times.
The masks used for shopping will not be the only ones that we will have. In fact, other masks will be distributed in the municipalities of Trentino by volunteer firefighters and by the Red Cross. They will deliver masks at home, to every person. In this phase two masks per citizen will be distributed. "We are waiting for - Fugatti underlined – more directions on their use by the National Health Service. To understand whether it will be necessary to wear them every time you leave the house or only in certain circumstances, for example on buses".

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