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Coronavirus: from today the rules change

Starting today - Monday 4 May - the new ordinance of the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento enters into force, following the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 26 April 2020.
The openings provided for by the Prime Ministerial Decree are confirmed. Those include the possibility of visiting relatives and "stable affections" (romantic couples but not friends) even outside of the Municipality of residency, as well as the restart of manufacturing activities, construction sites, real estate brokerage and wholesale trade. Schools of all levels remain closed.

The ordinance of President Fugatti provides for the obligation to wear a mask when you are outside your home or place of work performing motor activity (walks and strolls). Differently, while doing sports (especially running) it is necessary to carry a mask with you, which must be worn only if the mandatory safety distances between people cannot be maintained (2 m. for sports, 1 m. for walking). Individual sports are allowed. Parks, public gardens and cycle paths reopen. One person at a time can sit on the benches. 
It is not allowed to use your own car or public transport in order to reach any location in Trentino region from which you can then start your hike, walk, or bike ride. The departure must always be from your home or from your workplace.
Moreover, it is allowed to reach a second home alone during the day, for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities (returning in the evening). Tire change is considered among the “ necessary movements” and therefore allowed. Finally, grocery shopping is allowed along the journey from home to work (even outside the municipality of residence).
From today, all urban and suburban public transport services and all those of Trenitalia on the Brenner line have resumed. Local public transport services are active from Monday to Saturday until 9pm. After 9pm and on holidays, the Elastibus call-service is active.
There are new rules for local public transport. The maximum number of passengers allowed on vehicles is 16 on city buses. The driver is allowed not to make scheduled stops if all the seats are already occupied. The use of a mask is mandatory.
From today to May 10, access to public transport will be free. From 11 May there will be a single tariff of 2 euros on trains and extra-urban journeys.
The measures relating to travel concern the entire territory of the Trentino Alto Adige region.

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