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Possible loosening of some restrictive measures before May 4th
Coronavirus: 98 new infections, including 8 minors

Yesterday, 2 Coronavirus deaths were recorded in Trentino, both of which happened in nursing homes. 98 new infections were recorded, all were verified through swab administration, 32 are within nursing homes. 1092 swabs were administered. Among these, there are 8 minors, who are in quarantine in-home care. The number of people who died since the beginning of the emergency rises to 407. The number of those in ICU is still decreasing, they are 23, while 1308 are in solitary confinement at home.

Regarding the latest government decree announced by the President of the Council Conte, which provides for a series of progressive reopening starting from 4 May, the governor of Trentino Maurizio Fugatti said "we are very perplexed on some matters. It is not clear, for example, why some work activities, such as bars, restaurants, and beauticians, should restart in June. By now citizens and entrepreneurs are fully aware that to return to work it is necessary to put in place all the measures to guarantee the safety of workers and users. Any new infections related to the reopenings scheduled for May 4th will be verified in 10, a maximum of 14 days. Therefore, there is no need to wait until June 1st, there is no scientific reason. For these businesses, extending the closure could mean bankruptcy. We must have more confidence in the sense of responsibility of entrepreneurs. For this reason, we will ask the government for the possibility to reopen bars, restaurants, and beauticians before June. As for the rest, we are analyzing the government decree, in order to evaluate whether some decreases in the restricting measures on personal freedoms can be applied earlier than May 4th ".
President Fugatti then announced that the topic on the agenda, considering that the school will reopen in September, but that many work activities will start again in May, is to help working families with children. "We are thinking about vouchers for babysitters, parental leave, and about how to organize summer camps".

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