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Number of infections decreasing compared to the number of swabs administered
Coronavirus: 4 dead and 64 new infections

Yesterday, 4 died in Trentino from Coronavirus, including a 52-year-old man from Trento. 64 new infections were recorded, 25 in nursing homes. 1158 swabs were administered. Those infected represented the 5% of the swabs administered, a decreasing percentage to be read positively. The aim is to further increase the number of swabs, through the collaboration with Universities, Cibio and Fem. At the moment the main obstacle is the difficulty in finding the necessary chemical reagents on the market. There are 43 people in ICU, this number is declining too. 871 people recovered from the virus since the start of the pandemic.

"In these days - said the president of the Autonomous Province Maurizio Fugatti during the afternoon press conference dedicated to the update on the state of the pandemic - we are receiving several requests from subjects who intend to restart their activity, and who solicit access to grants. First of all, it must be noted that Trentino was among the first territories to open outdoor construction sites. It is a first step, and it was not a given. However, guarantees on the protection of the health of workers employed on those construction sites are required. The Province and the Central Police Station will carry out numerous checks in the coming days, in the interest of protecting entrepreneurs and workers' health ".

The possible "openings" concerning individual behaviors are being currently debated. Most importantly the possibility of bringing children out of the house and of visiting the elderly. At the current moment the contagion curve is lowering but the intention of the Province is to keep it under control for the next 15 days, in order to ensure that there is no new surge in infections. Therefore, at the current moment the rules remain the known ones.

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