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Collected over 4 million donations to Trentino healthcare company. More swabs are being made
Coronavirus: 18 deaths, 177 newly infected

Yesterday 18 new deaths due to Coronavirus were registered in Trentino. There were 177 new infections, bringing the total number of infected people to 2001. Recovered people are now 90, 11 more compared to the last update. In a situation that naturally remains very difficult, there are some positive elements as well. Donations to the Healthcare Company collected on the territory exceeded 4 million Euros. The Caritro Foundation donated 700 tablets to schools of Trentino, which are continuing to work remotely through the internet.
Yesterday the president of the Province Maurizio Fugatti and the councilor for health and social policies Stefania Segnana met the presidents of the valleys' communities. They talked about the swabs, together with the other parties involved, such as Cibio and the University. The goal remains to increase the number of swabs. The necessary chemical reagents are not readily available, but the situation is improving thanks to the support of Trentino scientific community.

Simona Sforzin, director of the primary care area of the Mezzolombardo hospital, reported on the assistance and monitoring activity that is taking place with about a thousand people and their families in home quarantine. Every day, twice a day, some parameters are requested by phone, including temperature, cough, and other ailments related to Coronavirus' pathology. Part of them were supplied with an oximeter. About twenty patients, on an experimental basis, are also testing the app developed by the Trentino Salute 4.0 team, to independently insert the detected parameters (the same requested by phone) in their own medical records. "TreCovid19" is an app specifically designed to be used comfortably from your smartphone, like any application. Once the experimentation phase is finished, in a very short time span it will obviously be made available to everyone.

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