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The 16th edition is presented to the international press
An increasingly international Festival of Economics

From the very first edition, Trento Festival of Economics has always had a strong international focus, with a large number of speakers from all over the world. The same will also be true this year, when the 16th edition, dedicated to “The Return of the State. Businesses, Communities and Institutions”, is held from 3 to 6 June. The international nature of the Festival was reiterated today during a presentation for Italian correspondents from the foreign press. There were around thirty attendees, the conference being chaired by Maarten van Aalderen, President of the foreign press association in Italy, with the participation of Tito Boeri, Scientific Director of the Festival, Innocenzo Cipolletta, coordinator of editorial committee, and the publisher Giuseppe Laterza.

“The Festival”, explained Laterza “aims to share knowledge about economics with the wider public, talking about the subject with scientific rigour and at the same time extreme clarity. For this reason, it has always been very successful with the public. Furthermore”, he added “in choosing the theme and the speakers we have always tried to move away from the Italian debate and get in touch with the best currents of thought emerging from international studies. We should note that the Festival is a successful model also greatly appreciated abroad, where in some cases it has been recreated using the same methods”.

“When choosing the topic, the editorial committee favours current affairs”, explained Cipolletta “but then assesses whether the chosen theme has been developed in scientific research by economists, whose studies are then brought to the attention of the Festival public with the greatest possible clarity. We usually start thinking about the theme already towards the end of the edition underway”, he added “also on the basis of the analysis developing during the various sessions".

It was then Tito Boeri’s turn to provide more detailed information about the subject of the Festival. “This year’s title”, he said “came from observation of the fact that during the pandemic the state intervened massively in our everyday lives. It did so for the right reasons, but now we believe it is necessary for it to withdraw, even though its presence will still be strongly felt for a time. The Festival will therefore explore how best to improve the efficiency of the state, recounting its various dimensions, starting from the part it plays in providing services. We will thus talk, for example, about health, the vaccine market and education. A second dimension considered will concern the role of the state as a regulator and arbiter of the market. Lastly, we will also explore the way in which the state intervenes directly on the economy and the entrepreneurial role of the state. All this”, added Boeri “will be dealt with through lectures and dialogues at the highest level, with five Nobel laureates and other economists who I am sure will one day win the Nobel Prize, but also with politicians and representatives of the institutions, including seven Italian Ministers who are directly involved in state government. We will also discuss the role of those sectors falling half-way between the state and private initiative, such as the voluntary sector for example”. 

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