Giovedì, 14 Maggio 2020 - 14:41 Comunicato 1025

Administered swabs records. Tomorrow shops will reopen

One death recorded yesterday, a nursing home guest; 9 new infections, 3 of which in nursing homes, with symptoms occurring in the last 5 days. In addition, 24 other cases that include 22 positive asymptomatic identified through serological tests. 2783 swabs were administered. This is the highest number registered since the beginning of the emergency. The following is the update on the Coronavirus situation, presented by the President of the Province, Maurizio Fugatti and the Councilor for Economic Development, Achille Spinelli, together with the Director General of the Health Authority, Paolo Bordon. The total number of infected people in Trentino raised to 5195, of these 3305 recovered, 149 were clinically tested through double swab administration, and 449 died. 723 people are being treated at home, while 9 are in ICU.

“The numbers confirm - said Fugatti - that the infection is now stabilized and decreasing. We registered the record of swabs administered within a day since the outbreak. Trentino ranks first in Italy," he added, commenting on a cartographic representation developed by the GeCo (The Geo-Cartographic Center for Studies and Documentation) of the University of Trento. "We administered 102.3 swabs per 1000 inhabitants, against the national average of 44.3".
Tomorrow - Friday 15 May - the shops in Trentino will reopen. On Monday, bars, restaurants and hairdressers will open.

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