Leadership for Learning - Special Issue - Volume 7 n° 1
June 2015

Copertina Leadership for Learning - Special Issue - Volume 7

This issue of RicercAzione, the first in 2015 and in the new editorial programme, updates studies on school leadership by examining the literature, a series of empirical studies and three international contributions. The articles take as their starting point the study «Leadership and school improvement processes», promoted by IPRASE in the 2013-14 school year, in collaboration with the Department of Business Science at the University of Bologna. The project falls within the scope of IPRASE’s 2014-16 strategic plan, with specific reference to the objective of developing organisational skills to improve schools. The issue explores four areas of study: a. examination of an integrated model of school leadership; b. study of the quantitative effects of leadership on the school environment; c. understanding the links between distributed leadership and improvement of schools; d. observation of school principals in the working environment. The results achieved in each field suggest the following conclusion: school leadership is a unitary and systematic process. While for analytical reasons it is necessary to identify specific leadership practices, indeed the principal acts within the context of a range of forces characterizing behaviour. For this reason, the IPRASE research project interpreted leadership as a multidimensional construct. This construct has been described as leadership for learning.


Table of contents

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