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A thought-provoking and vibrant schedule to spice up the four-day Festival
New visions, innovation and inventiveness with the stars of the FuoriFestival

presentata al Mudec la XVIII edizione del Festival dell’Economia di Trento:Da sinistra Gianni Battaiola, MAurizio Fugatti, Valentina Magri, Mirja Cartia d’Asero, Fabio Tamburini, Elisabetta Bozzarelli, Federico Silvestri, Maurizio Rossini e Giampaolo Pedrotti [ Daniele Paternoster - Archivio Ufficio Stampa PAT]

In 2023, the second edition of FuoriFestival dell’Economia di Trento will ignite, showcasing a schedule tailored for and devoted to youthful and family audiences; this parallel program to the scientific schedule will invigorate the whole city with unconventional content, possessing strong appeal and the ability to bring people together. FuoriFestival is back for the second year with an innovative and dynamic approach to involve students of all grades, ranging from primary to university, in addition to teenagers and parents alike.

For this latest edition, FuoriFestival's cross-sectional approach is particularly focused on the "Future of the Future”, the overarching theme of the entire festival, enhancing it by providing a different perspective.

The world of new professions, especially those linked to the digital economy and social media, will be given a special focus at this year’s events, where field experts and entrepreneurs will share their experiences and offer insights on how to navigate through the rapidly-changing landscape, managing both risks and opportunities.

With attorney Marisa Marrafino, Riccardo Pirrone, Publicist and CEO of Kirweb, and Massimiliano Allievi, a social media-active accountant, we will discuss the correlation between social media and occupation; additionally, the experiences of young entrepreneurs and creators, such as Marco Cioni and Matteo Bruno of Slim Dogs and Norma Cerletti, English teacher and founder of Norma's Teaching srl, will be a source of inspiration for those strategizing their professional trajectory; we will investigate how data journalism is seeking novel ways to interact with younger generations, with Gianluca Daluiso, Francesco Brocca, and Giulia Scuffietti of Cose Non Cose; the new visionaries will share their stories of how they turned their curious inventiveness into successful businesses; Manuelito "Hell Raton" (discographer, talent scout and creative director) and Sypher (pro player and creator), from the famed Machete Gaming crew, a venture launched in 2019 that combines music and gaming in an exceptional blend, will converse with us about the world and business of gamers

A must-see is the financial education segment featuring the creators of Young finance, a Sole 24 Ore digital-first video project showcasing talented individuals with a significant following and engagement on YouTube, who will address current and future economic challenges. The creative workshops for children, called ECONOMY KIDS - LA RADIO DEI RAGAZZI, organized by 24 ORE Cultura and Radio 24, will see primary school students engaged in editorial work, allowing them to understand the dynamics of the radio context and giving them the opportunity to share their own viewpoints on the themes of the Festival. A final event on May 28, hosted by Federico Taddia, will celebrate youth and families on the stage in Piazza Cesare Battisti.

The plazas will also host fun and communal activities, including MONOPOLY DEL FESTIVAL DELL’ECONOMIA / LIFE SIZE, a life-sized board where families and children as young as 8 years old can play the world's most famous negotiation game and learn to manage their finances through play by purchasing and trading real estate. The game will take place throughout the 4-day duration of the Festival, invigorating Piazza Fiera and providing an enjoyable, interactive challenge.

There will be no shortage of panels dedicated to the world of Art and Culture, starting with the future of design, with architect and designer Stefano Giovannoni, while Nicoletta Polla Mattiot will oversee HTSI talks centered around the Economy of Beauty, featuring professionals from the world of Made in Italy. HTSI will also conduct special one-on-one interviews with show-biz personalities: on Saturday, May 27, Luca Zingaretti will share his experiences as a creative producer across multiple entertainment mediums including film, theatre, cartoons, and TV series. On Sunday, May 28, Miriam Leone will discuss her professional engagement and cross-media experience, spanning from TV and cinema to social media.

For this edition, the motto remains creating the future, envisioning a future where multicultural models are emerging, and where the rapid shifts underway are highlighting the importance of cooperation and the creation of new perspectives as a successful approach to change. The FuoriFestival will thus emphasize the exploration of novel business concepts spanning from local to global scopes, while embracing the values of solidarity and striving to actualize the objective of promoting peace-building. To accomplish this, it will host a range of events, including the session with Rossella Miccio, President of Emergency, as well as panels focused on second-generation Italians to discuss topics such as diversity, inclusion, and the future.Within this context, a glimpse into the future of Europe cannot be disregarded, as young attendees of the Festival engage in direct dialogue with representatives from EU institutions through Policy Dialogues organized by the European Commission in Italy.

Throughout the entire duration of the FuoriFestival, music and entertainment will be the main attraction, bringing to life the squares and theaters with programs suitable for all audiences: the Thursday evening program will kick off with a meeting featuring Noemi, one of the most cherished singer-songwriters and vocalists on the Italian scene, who will disclose her personal tale and vision for the future; the meeting will culminate in a captivating unplugged performance of some of her melodies. Furthermore, on Thursday evening, the Santa Chiara Cultural Services Centre will feature a show by Andrea Pennacchi, actor and author.

The Friday evening spotlight will be on Guè Pequeno, one of the most influential rappers in Italy and a pivotal figure in the nation's hip hop and music domain. For classical music aficionados, Orchestra Ventaglio d’Arpe will perform with 14 musicians, followed by a concert by pianist Gile Bae, Bòsendorfer Artist, on the Philharmonic stage.The late evening will also feature a Radio24 Live Show with an unprecedented trio: Giuseppe Cruciani, Pierluigi Pardo and David Parenzo, together at Teatro Auditorium Santa Chiara.

Saturday evening will feature a must-see meeting with Enrico Brignano, “Il valore della risata”, anda captivating concert by pianist Ramin Bahrani, known for his deep understanding and interpretation of Bach's music.The entertainment schedule, highlighting a wide array of genres and tailored to various audiences, will also showcase Ariete, a young singer-songwriter recognized for her distinctive, melancholic style that has made a splash on the music scene and who recently participated in the Sanremo 2023 Festival; following her performance, a DJ set with Giulia Centofante in Piazza Cesare Battisti, bringing the festivities to the streets and celebrating the Festival beyond the institutional venues.

All the 24 ORE Group media will be engaged in the FuoriFestival events, with Radio 24 airing a compilation of programs from the schedule, live from Piazza Cesare Battisti; this will create opportunities for the public to meet and interact with the hosts, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse and an exciting live radio experience. Live shows will be plentiful: Giampaolo Musumeci with Nessun luogo è lontano, from Antologia del Serpente Coralloby Ciappter Ileven to the live shows of Alessandro Milan and Leonardo Manera and Riccardo Poli, Alessandro Longoni, Beppe Salmetti and Andrea Roccabella with Off Topic.

The FuoriFestival schedule will also be enlivened by endeavours curated by local entities such as Fondazione Caritro, which will host, among other things, the "Enactus National Competition”, the Andromeda Art Studio, an attendee since the first edition of the event with a spot in Piazza Fiera, and Fondazione Franco Demarchi, which will spice up Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore. Luiss Guido Carli University will be one of the partners curating dedicated schedules, with experts and academics leading discussions on major current economic issues.

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