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It’s a date: in Trento from 23 to 26 May, prestigious Italian and international representatives from the world of economics, science and politics will meet to focus on the problems of the new millennium
Trento Festival of Economics. The theme for the 19th edition has been chosen: “QUO VADIS? The Dilemmas of Our Time”

“QUO VADIS? The Dilemmas of Our Time” is the theme chosen by the Scientific Committee for the 19th edition of Trento Festival of Economics, scheduled from 23 to 26 May 2024 and organised for the third consecutive year by the 24 ORE Group and Trentino Marketing on behalf of the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the cooperation of the Municipality and the University of Trento.
How can the climate change challenge be faced? Will economic development win the battle against the tightening necessary to beat inflation? Will high public debt eventually destabilise the authority of nations? Is energy transition achievable on the tight timescale dictated by the West? Will the demographic winter end up overwhelming welfare systems? Can populism be reconciled with democracies? The are just some of the major questions of our time that Trento Festival of Economics will try to deal with, with some of the most brilliant minds from the economic, academic and political world at national and international level.
I colori del Festival dell'economia a Trento [ Domenico Salmaso]

The Chairman of Trento Festival of Economics’ Scientific Committee Fabio Tamburini, Editor of the Sole 24 Ore newspaper explained: “A minute after choosing the title for the third edition of Trento Festival of Economics, organised by the 24 ORE Group, we had confirmation that we had made the right decision: the merciless attack by Hamas on Israel and the violent reaction. What is happening in the world increasingly justifies the question “Quo vadis?” and the related subtitle “The Dilemmas of Our Time”. This is due to wars, which have once again become a tool for resolving conflict, leading to hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian victims, but also on many other fronts. These are so numerous that even the optimist faction is in crisis, while above all but not only among younger generations unrest and uncertainty is spreading about the future of the Earth and humanity, which must deal with pressing questions, representing indeed the dilemmas of our times.”

With the new theme, Trento Festival of Economics continues its commitment to analysing the challenges dictated by a global scenario characterised by great complexity and uncertainty, offering solutions and interpretations. Indeed in 2022 the theme “After the Pandemic, Amidst Order and Disruption” aimed to take a closer look at the profound social, economic and political effects of the pandemic, whereas the 2023 edition entitled “The Future of the Future. The Challenges of a New World” focused on outlining the impact that major technological and socioeconomic transformations have on mankind.

The 2023 Festival
The 18th edition of Trento Festival of Economics, which for the second time saw the 24 ORE Group and Trentino Marketing in the role of organisers on behalf of the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the cooperation of the Municipality and the University of Trento, was a record breaking edition: over 650 speakers at the 270 events making up the main Festival, the “Fuori Festival” (a 2022 innovation) and “Economie dei Territori” sections, meetings with authors and Radio 24’s live events, with 40,000 visitors to the city and many venues sold out, packed with the economic, academic and scientific community and a public made up of families, young people and students.